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Among enterprise asset management companies, Asset Management Services (AMS) leads the industry with strong capabilities in materials and equipment for oil and gas, refining, utility and power, petrochemicals,
mining and other asset-intensive industries throughout North America. We also deliver world-class performance in harsh, mission-critical environments such as Alaska’s North Slope, Russia, Trinidad and Tobago, and other challenging areas of the globe.


Asset Management Services offers a number of asset management tools, systems and processes to increase uptime and improve performance:

Capital Project Transition Services

AMS Capital Project Transition Services ensure that your maintenance perspective is integrated with the initial design/construction phase, and that critical data is retained from design, to construction to operation.

Preventative Maintenance Development

AMS can optimize and maintain data in your maintenance systems, right down to critical details such as required parts, safety and prevention information, and work instructions. The result is improved enterprise asset management that delivers better uptime, improved safety, and maximum efficiency.

Equipment Bills of Material Development and Maintenance

AMS Bills of Material are detailed, hierarchical representations of your equipment and parts with relationships defined from the highest level down to the smallest detail – so technicians can quickly determine and find what they need for the job, and get it done.

Catalog Services

AMS helps develop your catalog, cleanse data or perform catalog conversions. We can also manage your data to ensure your entrprise asset management systems are consistent, reliable and accurate.

Spare Parts Optimization

Sharpen inventory practices and make the best use of your available space to reduce costs and downtime.