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Our History

When ASCI was formed in April of 1999, the price of a barrel of oil was less than the current price of a latte. A large oil & gas operator on the North Slope had an urgent need to drive down costs to preserve jobs and shareholder pressure to implement new technology all while in the midst of a major merger. ASCI was formed to solve this challenge for them. We took a combined top-down (consulting) approach and a bottom-up (outsourced services) approach to providing long-term solutions in support of local and global supply chain challenges.
Scott Hawkins ASCI Founder signing a contract with a new client Advanced Federal Services Corporation
One of ASCI's co-founders - Scott Hawkins signing a contract with a new client
Since then, we have been expanding our business portfolio to local, state, and federal government agencies, supported by our sister company ASCI Federal Services LLC, in addition to other commercial industries such as construction, mining, fisheries, manufacturing, healthcare, and utilities.

In 2020 Christine Hopkins and Scott McCoy became the owners of ASCI, Christine holding majority ownership of the company.
ASCI Federal Services LLC Government Services logo Advanced Federal Services corporation
Advanced Supply Chain International Commercial Services
Our services extend outside of Alaska, to continental US, as well as internationally. We developed partnerships with companies that complement our products and services, and collaborate on projects that benefit our customers from our combined efforts.
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