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A Strategic Approach to Inclusivity in Federal Contracting: ASCI Earns HRSI Workplace Inclusion Organizational Certification

By Rosita Johnson

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In March 2024, just before celebrating its 25th anniversary, ASCI, a leader in supply chain and logistics management consulting, achieved another significant milestone: the prestigious Human Resource Standards Institute (HRSI) Workplace Inclusion Certification based on the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 30415:2021 for Human Resource Management: Diversity and Inclusion.

This recognition is particularly special as it establishes ASCI as the first U.S. company supporting federal government contracts, and the first in Alaska, to achieve this certification. This honor underscores their leadership in implementing effective diversity and inclusion practices.

Why This Certification Matters for ASCI as a Women-Owned Small Business

For ASCI, a women-owned small business (WOSB), this certification creates opportunities to thrive - both internally and externally. It provides a structured framework to further enhance and showcase their commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. This certification also aligns their organization with global best practices, positioning ASCI as industry leaders and providing a competitive edge in both domestic and international markets.

Additionally, this certification helps attract potential clients who prioritize diversity and inclusion in procurement decisions, particularly within sectors that engage with government contracts. “Federal and large corporate entities are increasingly looking for contractors who demonstrate a commitment to diversity and having this certification gives us a crucial competitive edge,” said Christine Hopkins, President & CEO of ASCI.

Beyond Certification: ASCI Transforms Strategy into Action

ASCI’s commitment to diversity extends beyond certifications, with a strong preference for hiring women, veterans, military spouses, and individuals residing in HUD-designated zones. This preference reflects the company's belief in the value of diverse experiences and backgrounds, which bring invaluable perspectives and innovation to the work.

ASCI recognizes that a successful diversity and inclusion strategy requires action, not just talk, and demonstrates its strategy through several key initiatives, including participation in the SkillBridge program and partnership in the Military Spouse Employment Partnership Small Business Partner (MSEP SB). Additionally, ASCI’s status as a WOSB underscores its dedication to fostering a diverse business environment.

Strengthening Federal Alignment and Industry Leadership

ASCI’s alignment with Executive Order 14035, which mandates enhancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) in the federal workforce, not only boosts its potential in securing federal contracts but also enhances its stature as a frontrunner in adopting global best practices in human resource management. This commitment to DEIA is outlined in Executive Order 14035 of June 25, 2021 (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility in the Federal Workforce): “the Federal Government must strengthen its ability to recruit, hire, develop, promote, and retain our Nation’s talent and remove barriers to equal opportunity.

By aligning practices with the directives of this executive order, ASCI demonstrates its dedication to fostering a workplace environment that promotes fairness, equity, and inclusivity. This not only ensures that it meets the requirements set forth by federal agencies but also positions it as a leader in promoting diversity and inclusion within its workforce and beyond.

This strategic alignment enables ASCI to better support federal objectives and positions it as a preferred partner for government contracts. This commitment to not just meet but exceed the stringent requirements that come with federal collaborations, sets ASCI apart from competitors who may not yet align with these new standards. Company leadership in this area is recognized not only by certifying bodies but also by its peers and clients, reinforcing its reputation as pioneers in the integration of DEIA practices.

Based in Alaska, an often underrepresented state in national conversations about diversity and inclusion, ASCI takes pride in leading the charge from a unique geographical and cultural standpoint. This positions it as a beacon for other businesses in the region and across the country, demonstrating that commitment and excellence in diversity practices can be achieved regardless of location.

This certification also catalyzes the supply chain and logistics leader in ongoing efforts to promote DEIA within the industries it serves. By sharing knowledge and practices, ASCI contributes to a ripple effect, inspiring other companies to pursue similar certifications and standards. This enriches the industry at large and also fosters a more inclusive and equitable business environment nationally.

As ASCI continues to lead in supply chain and asset management services and consulting, this certification undoubtedly enhances our appeal to clients who value advanced DEI standards. Our proactive stance in diversity and inclusion not only sets a benchmark but also opens new avenues for growth and collaboration in an increasingly interconnected and diverse global marketplace,” added Hopkins.

Organizational Goals Thrive with Strategic Inclusivity

ASCI's achievement of the HRSI Workplace Inclusion Organization Certification demonstrates the benefits of prioritizing diversity and inclusion in federal contracting. By aligning with global best practices and federal objectives, ASCI sets a benchmark for other companies to follow and contributes to a more inclusive and equitable business environment nationally.

This certification positions ASCI as a leader in its industry while demonstrating the value of certification to the industry as a whole. As federal contractors increasingly prioritize diversity and inclusion, ASCI's proactive stance in this area opens new avenues for growth and collaboration in an increasingly interconnected and diverse global marketplace. This strategic approach to inclusivity is pivotal for any organization looking to thrive in today’s competitive business environment.

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