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Contingent Staffing

Advanced Supply Chain International LLC provides Contingent Staffing on a long term or project basis.
We bring:

§  A strong reputation in the oil and gas industry in Alaska

§  A 20+-year track record as a valued contractor partner of key oil and gas operators in Alaska. 

§  Well-developed performance management capacity for supply chain management services, including talent supply chain.

§        An industry leading safety record

We strive to price the various staff classifications competitively for current market conditions, delivering what we believe are significant savings. However, we carefully balanced that against the need to attract and retain high quality talent. 
We are confident that our record of accomplishment for fielding and managing strong teams will move your organization to the next level of development excellence.
This means that all parts of ASCI’s customer facing supply chain management organization will be an integral part of the team that makes this contingent labor program successful. ASCI can deliver.

Invoice Reconciliation Solution

ASCI brings to the engagement deep capabilities in process design and improvement. We are an extremely agile company that is able to develop customized processes to provide solutions to pain points within your supply chain. Our specific area of expertise is managing the supply chain for asset intensive organizations that operate in remote areas.We have developed a program to help clear existing invoice resolution issues, identify areas of improvement and recommend on-going solutions for key pain points in our customer’s supply chain in Alaska. ASCI brings a fully developed integrated management system to all its engagements. The primary components are:

§  ISO 9001

§  ISO 14001

§  OHSAS 18001

We apply these management systems to ensure internal mechanisms for monitoring and improving quality, safety and environmental impacts. We customize and leverage our systems to help drive process improvement and process integrity for each individual engagement.

In addition to formalized management systems, ASCI brings process improvement and process mapping capabilities dating back over 20 years, including substantial experience optimizing and configuring third party software solutions.

We have assisted with large scale SAP conversions. ASCI also has in-depth experience with transitioning legacy information to an SAP environment. This includes:

·       Recreation of all Purchase Orders (POs) from legacy system into SAP, which included verification of accuracy of all converted POs. During a 2013 conversion, we processed 6,682 legacy POs to an SAP instance.

·       Developed processes and procedures to ensure transaction accuracy during conversion and for post-SAP transactions.

·       Developed policies and processes ensure business continuity through frost, freeze and blackout periods without a loss of production. This included requisition, procurement, issuing and field delivery processing while the system was down.

o   Procedures were developed to be viable for any emergent system shutdown and are still in use today with a key customer.

o   Developed and still publish a monthly blackout book for in stock and direct catalog material.

o   Manually created and synchronized all transactions during the blackout period.

·       Designed and implemented processes to identify discrepant POs using a 3-way match. This involved reconciliation of PO price/qty to invoice price/qty to pricebook.

·       Supplied an embedded specialist to research and resolve Over, Short, Discrepant and Damaged material to ensure on-time payment to vendors.

·       Created Material Masters for all material converted. This entailed 223,000 Material Masters.

We are able to employ third party software tools in order to deliver successful business process improvement.

Where appropriate, we also offer our SmartTools software solutions, such as SmartTracker. The SmartTracker tool is able to provide material traceability from procurement to material delivery.