Advanced Supply Chain International, provides a full range of logistics supply chain Management services:
Customized Supply Chain Management:

Whether you need End-to-End Supply Chain management or you simply need help with one link in the chain. We bring our supply chain management expertise to your company by developing a tailored solution that optimizes your supply chain enabling you to focus on your core competencies.

Our areas of expertise include:

Planning & Forecasting
Contracting &Vendor Management
Supply Chain Process Assessments

Leverage our focused expertise to optimize specific processes in your supply chain.

Materials Management and Configuration

ASCI can operate your warehouses, yards and benchstock (free issue) locations, as well as perform off-site cross-docking and receiving operations.

Inventory Strategy Development

ASCI can help you build a lean, efficient inventory management strategy, ensuring that you have what you need without carrying expensive, slow-moving stock.

Web-based Software:

ASCI’s tailorable web-based software solutions have the flexibility to meet whatever supply chain management needs you have. They facilitate the rigorous performance targets of asset-intensive business.


SmartTools™ provide your operational workforce with automated efficiency to increase performance and drive cost reduction in operations SCM management. These web-powered products integrate with your existing ERP software for simple, real-time access to information.


SmartTracker™ is a powerful purchase order tracking tool that provides real-time information for construction or maintenance personnel, buyers, suppliers or anyone else who needs to track an order.


SmartBOMs™ facilitates smart inventory control, helping you create a hierarchical representation of equipment and parts, with relationships defined down to the smallest detail – including catalog numbers and descriptions.


SmartStager™brings purchase orders for a defined work scope together, allowing you to track, receive, store and issue a collection of project-related material.