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ASCI Smart Tools


Proprietary software is designed to provide a hierarchical visual representation of equipment and parts used for material identification and requisition. It allows you to maintain visibility of deployed assets for parts identification and to support a comprehensive and efficient maintenance program.

BOM records can capture part and component number, unique part number, material specifications, descriptions of each part, pictures, quantity, unit price, total cost, lead time, supplier, a notes field, and much more. The system is highly configurable to meet your specific needs.

The software has an efficient drag and drop interface for creating and maintaining hierarchical Bill of Materials or Parts Lists. The data collected can be packaged into file formats compatible with your ERP system.

ASCI SmartBOMs SmartTracker ASCI Software


Proprietary software designed to provide PO line visibility and tracking from PO line issuance to PO line receipt. It provides a collaborative (vendors, expeditors, requestors, project managers) portal for material expediting/status. The system augments and extends PO Line details available in the client’s ERP. We can support barcode and label generation. The system is designed to be combined with service support for optimal supply chain management.

ASCI SmartTracker SmartTools ASCI Software


Proprietary software combined with our services to streamline processes to receive, store, issue, and track project materials or other non-financial inventory stores. It allows for the consolidation of material by project. It is designed to provide material visibility for items not held in the client’s financial inventory system. The system is designed to be provided with service support for optimal supply chain management.

ASCI SmartStager SmartTools ASCI software
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