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Asset Management

Asset management diagram
Bill of Materials Management (BOM)

ASCI can help manage your Bill of Materials (BOM) program through either a one-time project or ongoing maintenance of data. We have the expertise to conduct job site walk-downs to identify material, create initial BOM data, and manage additions/deletions through integration with your project teams. We work with your team to identify critical spares and build out your BOMs data using this information. We can either enter this data into your own system or provide you with a single, secure system to manage your organization’s Bills of Materials.

A centralized source of information that lists a hierarchical view of all assemblies, sub-assemblies, parts, and consumable parts and materials for all of your assets is key to an effective and efficient preventative maintenance and repair program. This information can help your company remove inefficiencies, minimize risks, and make sure that you have the right product available, at the right time, for the right cost, and in the right place to keep your business running smoothly.

ASCI's proprietary software SmartBOMs™ is designed to provide a hierarchical visual representation of equipment and parts used for material identification and requisition. Click here to find out more about ASCI SmartTools.

Catalog Management

Businesses rely on accurate information to help make decisions and track performance. In many instances, poor data can lead a corporation in the wrong direction. ASCI can help your organization eliminate frustration by structuring and organizing your data to create a common, shared version of the truth that is free of duplicate records and comprised of accurate information.

We do this by helping to standardize your customer information, transactional data, metadata, vendor information, and material master data across your enterprise to help purchase the correct part, from the optimum supplier, at the best price, and know when and where it will arrive. We are also experts in Material Taxonomy having developed a full Material Master Dictionary complete with Definitions, Attributes, and UNSPSC mapping.

Asset Accountability

We provide routine asset inventory counts, asset tagging services, and other asset data management. We provide real-time data on current inventory. We can help keep our customers' inventory system current with an annual inventory approach or with routine data maintenance, based on their internal expertise and needs.

To check out our supply chain management services, click here

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