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Our Clients

ASCI provides supply chain and logistics support to Santos.
Equinor Petroleum Refining Logo- developing oil, gas, wind and solar energy in more than 30 countries.
Renewal Logistics Logo- Georgia Supply Chain Warehouse Logistics/Textile Restoration
FSI Facility Services Incorporated logo-providing facility maintenance, operations, repairs, construction, and renovation services to U.S. Government Agencies and facilities
ASCI provides supply chain and logistics support to Repsol.
Grayson Mill Energy Texas logo- Houston-based exploration and production company focused on the acquisition and development of oil and gas assets
Oil Search Alaska logo- Oil and Gas Extraction Industry
ExxonMobil logo- American multinational oil and gas corporation
Cook Inlet Energy Logo
State of Alaska Government logo
BP British Petroleum Logo- British multinational oil and gas company
ConocoPhillips Alaska Logo-  Alaska's largest crude oil producer and largest owner of exploration leases
Hilcorp Alaska Logo- one of the largest, privately held exploration and production companies in the United States

Industries We Support

ASCI has been serving the oil and gas industry in remote locations with harsh weather environment for over 20 years. The experience we have gained in this industry translates to other sectors through our understanding of supply chain management across multiple facilities and regions. We have learned how to deliver materials of virtually any size, weight, shape, and quantity to any location.

Oil & Gas

We have been serving the oil and gas industry since 1999. Our primary service offerings to this sector include managed services and contingent labor. We have consistently provided cost savings equal to or greater than the cost of our services. We help companies manage their demand, suppliers, and shipments so they can focus on their core business. Our oil and gas customers are located all over the world, including Alaska, Texas, North Dakota, Ohio, Chile, and Angola.


ASCI provides a range of supply chain services for construction projects, including procurement support, cross-docking, and warehouse operations, inventory management, and logistics coordination. With over 20 years of experience working in remote and harsh environments impacted by weather and geological events, we can help our construction partners address the unique challenges they may face, such as ensuring that purchased materials and equipment can withstand sub-zero temperatures and frequent earthquakes.

Mining and Fisheries

ASCI brings big business oil and gas experience to small and mid-sized mining operators and the fisheries industry. Alaska has unique challenges when it comes to delivering materials in extreme environmental conditions. In addition, both industries have to deal with unpredictable environmental regulations, fluctuating market conditions, and unexpected supply chain disruptions. ASCI provides consulting and on-site managed services to help customers focus on the challenges they need to work on internally.


We are an Alaskan company and strive to support our local state economy by providing education and services to Alaska's small businesses that manufacture consumer goods. Our experience and partnerships with companies across the U.S. and internationally have also provided us with resources to expand Alaska businesses to other regions, including the Pacific Northwest.

We have a strong relationship with the Alaska Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Center and are actively involved in the community through professional trade associations that support the industries we serve.


We understand the complexities of managing supply chain operations across multiple campuses while servicing hundreds to thousands of students and teaching staff. We bring big business experience to university systems and school districts and focus on helping them manage their demand, suppliers, and shipments so that they can focus on educating their students.

We provide consulting, procurement, contract management, master data management, and logistics coordination support scaled based on their business needs. We can also provide on-site managed services for warehousing, inventory management, asset accountability, and bill of materials management.


Many utility companies face complicated government regulations, constant infrastructure maintenance, and ever-changing technology. This makes it difficult to have a strategic approach to procurement, logistics, warehousing, supplier management, and inventory optimization. ASCI can provide consulting and on-site managed services for all aspects of supply chain and asset management, allowing the company to concentrate on dealing with critical tasks. We focus on streamlining procurement processes, optimizing warehouse space and inventory, looking for cost savings through process efficiencies, and establishing strategic supplier and carrier relationships.


Supply chain management is an extremely important aspect of the healthcare business since it impacts patient lives and not just profits. The top challenges that healthcare systems often face are multiple department-based storage locations, which can lead to internal theft and a lack of inter-departmental sharing of resources. This includes medical supplies, spare equipment, spare parts, and building maintenance supplies. ASCI's consultants and staff can help you tackle these challenges and come up with an efficient plan that considers the needs of your entire facility or campus. Just as you take a holistic view of your patients while they are in your care, we will take a holistic view of your operations while you are in ours.

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