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Core Services

ASCI values a partnership approach with clients, which allows us to take a deeper look at their challenges and propose the right solutions to drive sustainable growth and profitability. We focus on helping them manage their demand, suppliers, and shipments so that they can focus on their core business. We provide consulting, procurement coordination, contract administration, warehouse support, inventory management, and logistics coordination support that is scaled based on their business needs.

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Managed Labor Services

We offer both on-site and remote outsourced services, depending on our client's location and their business needs. Our embedded teams take over the activities in such a way that the client no longer has to spend valuable time micromanaging people and tasks. We do not completely detach ourselves from the client by providing periodic updates and using their input to streamline processes.


Our teams specialize in all aspects of supply chain management. ASCI excels at assembling the right mix of team members for each customer, making sure that we have the best expertise for the challenges that we are helping solve. We also have a strong internal focus on front-line leadership development so that our employees have a work environment that encourages safety, teamwork and efficiency.

Project Support

ASCI offers contingent labor with short-term scopes of work from individuals who are a part of a larger team, which gives you a more engaged resource than a typical staffing agency. ASCI has helped clients with numerous projects such as systems conversion, warehouse optimization, inventory reduction, turnaround support, asset walk-downs, etc. Our experts provide functional support throughout the entire project life-cycle. One example is ERP system implementation. We perform “As-Is” Analysis, hold design workshops and documentation, create supporting documentation for training, hold training sessions, provide go-live support, and work to optimize the system during steady-state operations.

Consulting Services

Sometimes you need more involved assistance in defining the issues you are facing, designing an action plan, or implementing a solution. We are here to help provide the experience, expertise, guidance, training, and/or short-term support. Let’s say you are having trouble with insufficient warehouse space and material that is often missing when it’s needed. We will review your processes and existing systems, analyze data quality, and observe your warehouse in action. We will then provide a short and long-term customized plan to resolve these issues and work with you to execute the plan. Our role is to be the guide for your leadership team and the employees of all levels of organization.


ASCI’s consulting services include experts in all areas of supply chain management, change management, system implementation, leadership development, and strategic HR. We work with you to determine the root causes of your frustration and then customize a solution designed to eliminate frustration, increase your efficiency, and improve profitability.

Fractional Staff Augmentation

Small to mid-sized businesses going through a growth spurt often can't afford a full-time employee to keep up with the workload. ASCI can provide part-time resources at a short notice to help our clients offset the cost of hiring permanent full-time employees or consultants.

Process Documentation Services

Documenting business processes is critical for successful businesses of all sizes. We can take the frustration out of creating the documentation by interviewing your key personnel and pulling together all of the pieces. We can also help identify best practices to enhance your process, or inefficiencies to remediate.

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