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Supply Chain Management

Hover your cursor over each supply chain link in the below diagram to learn more about our services.
  • Analyzing inventory trends for slow-moving and obsolete materials

  • Dispositioning of surplus material and equipment via sale or scrapping

  • Evaluating slow-moving or obsolete material and equipment for surplus

  • Coordinating sale, scrap, and disposal activities

  • Coordinating material requirements with the client

  • Quoting and processing purchase orders

  • Developing and evaluating strategic RFPs for materials and services

  • Building and maintaining contractual agreements

  • Managing performance of suppliers and service providers

  • Arranging shipments with transportation providers based on material criticality, need date, and overall cost.

  • Evaluating and managing transportation service provider performance

  • Processing client's material needs for projects and operations via purchase requisitions and purchase orders

  • Initiating and evaluating quotes and RFPs

  • Providing order status updates to the client

  • Expediting purchase orders to ensure timely and accurate delivery

  • Over/Short/Damaged/Discrepant (OSDD) resolution

  • Providing order visibility and data entry tool via SmartTracker™

  • Shipment consolidation and cross-docking

  • Operating warehouses, yards, and benchstock locations

  • Coordinating staging and release of project related material via SmartStager

  • Helping customers to build a lean, efficient inventory management strategy

  • Developing inventory accuracy controls, including cycle count programs

At ASCI, we provide end-to-end supply chain services that go beyond logistics.

Our services begin with procurement and contract administration of materials needed for a project or maintenance activities. We work with you to ensure that the right materials are sourced at the right price, and that contracts are managed efficiently.

Once the materials are procured, we coordinate transportation and keep track of order status to ensure that everything is on schedule. Our team works closely with carriers and logistics providers to ensure timely delivery of the materials to the desired location.

Upon arrival, ASCI's warehouse team processes shipment receipts and arranges deliveries to the final destination point. We provide inventory management services to ensure that materials are properly tracked and accounted for throughout the supply chain cycle.

Finally, we identify and dispose of surplus materials, ensuring that your supply chain is streamlined and optimized. Our end-to-end supply chain services provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your materials are being managed by experts every step of the way.

  • Identify surplus material, including dead inventory and excess project items

  • Determine the most cost effective and safe methods for disposition, such as scrap, recycle, donate

To learn about our asset management services, click here

ASCI has over 20 years of broad experience in all facets of supply chain and material management scope. Our dedicated industry experts and information technology solutions help our clients to coordinate all of the moving parts of supply chain so they can focus on the core of their business.

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