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Our Customers

ASCI is able to offer the most value to the below types of customers. We do work with other customer types on a case-by-case basis, but only if we feel that we can offset the cost of our services through improvements in their operations.


  • Oil and Gas Operators

  • Government Contract owners – Federal, State, and local levels

  • Small to Mid-Sized businesses

  • Public serving asset-intensive businesses, including but not limited to:

    • Universities     

    • Transportation systems (railroads, ferries, etc.)

    • Utilities

Our customers have values that align with ASCI’s values, which ensures a positive work experience for both our employees and yours. Our customers are looking for ways to improve and grow. It’s not just about cutting costs, but about improving your team’s effectiveness and your profitability through process/systems improvement and increased efficiency. Our ideal customers value a partnership approach, which allows us to take a deeper look at their challenges and propose the right solutions to drive sustainable growth and profitability. 

Alaskan train on Alaskan railroad in the sunset
Semi truck on a barge shipping to a destination
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