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ASCI Featured in the Alaska Business Magazine Article

Rosita Johnson

Jan 15, 2023

In an interview with Alaska Business magazine, Rosita Johnson, ASCI’s Business Development Manager discussed the challenges of warehousing and logistics in Alaska. She highlighted the unique difficulties of operating in Alaska due to the state's vast size and remote location, as well as its challenging weather and seasonal fluctuations in demand.

One of the biggest issues facing Alaska's warehousing industry is the shortage of space. With limited land available for development and high construction costs, building new warehouses is challenging and expensive. Additionally, the high cost of energy and transportation further adds to the challenge.

ASCI has implemented several strategies to address these challenges, including using technology to improve efficiency, partnering with other logistics providers, and utilizing existing infrastructure more effectively. During the interview, we also stressed the importance of collaboration and communication between companies to optimize supply chain operations and meet the needs of Alaskan businesses and consumers.

Overall, the warehousing and logistics industry in Alaska faces unique challenges that require innovative solutions and collaboration between companies. Despite the challenges, ASCI remains committed to providing reliable and efficient logistics services to its customers in Alaska.

Read the full article here:

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