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Meet Alaska 2023 Conference

Rosita Johnson

Mar 17, 2023

The Alaska Support Industry Alliance recently hosted the 2023 Meet Alaska conference. The event brought together a diverse group of professionals from different industries, including state & local government, energy, and mining, and featured keynote speeches by the Alliance Board President Randy Belts and U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan.

ASCI's Business Development Manager Rosita Johnson shared several highlights with us about the conference. In addition to the updates from ConocoPhillips and Santos Alaska about the Pikka and Willow projects, there were several other presentations and panel discussions that grabbed our attention:

  • Alaska's Labor Shortage - insightful input by the local      staffing agencies, Hawk and PeopleAK, about the difficulties of retaining      young talent in Alaska. Just like ASCI, the agencies have been putting      addition work into recruiting from outside of the state to fill many of      the positions.

  • Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage - impressive      statistics about how oil & gas can actually reduce the amount of      carbon emissions and contribute to Alaska's economy.

  • Alaska Resource Education - Becky from ARE gave us a      short introduction to this non-profit organization, and encouraged local      businesses to contribute by allowing their employee to be guest speakers      during their work day (instead of claiming paid or unpaid leave).

  • Alaska's Critical Strategic Minerals - great phrase that      summarizes the importance of mining to Alaska and to the U.S.: "mining      is not everything, but without mining everything is nothing." AMA's      Deantha Stabinski brought it up again during the reception after the      event.

The Alliance published presentations on their website:

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