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2023 Alaska Sustainable Energy Conference

Rosita Johnson

May 24, 2023

ASCI's Business Development Manager Rosita Johnson recently shared her experience at the 2023 Alaska Sustainable Energy Conference. Check out her insightful highlights from the event, including discussion on micronuclear energy, Alaska's strategic location, and an impressive showcase of electric cars!

This week I had a great opportunity to attend the Alaska Sustainable Conference. One of the highlights was the panel discussion that explored the feasibility, benefits and challenges of adopting the micronuclear energy in Alaska. This is such a fascinating topic and is so misunderstood by the general public!

Three little known facts about Alaska and Sustainable Energy:

Another standout presentation was on Alaska's strategic location in terms of logistics. The session shed light on the unique advantages of our state's geographical position and how it can be leveraged to drive sustainable development and economic growth.

I was also excited to learn about the Remora App during that presentation - app that coordinates logistics within the state of Alaska. The ladies who co-founded the company were featured in June 2022 Alaska Business magazine, and have a great story about they came up with the concept of building this app.

The conference also featured an impressive showcase of electric cars. It was inspiring to see the latest electric vehicle models and learn from Chugach Electric Association about the infrastructure developments supporting their widespread adoption in Alaska.

The Alaska Sustainable Energy Conference united experts and industry leaders to explore sustainable energy solutions. It featured many thought-provoking discussions including micronuclear energy and highlighted the latest advancements in electric vehicles, emphasizing clean transportation. With Alaska's abundant renewable energy resources and a focus on energy efficiency, the event fostered progress towards a greener and more sustainable future.

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