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Inspiring Presentation at King Tech High School Explores Supply Chain Management and Empowering Women in Resources

Rosita Johnson

Apr 19, 2023

Our Business Development Manager Rosita Johnson had the privilege of speaking to a group of high school girls that are part of the Alaska Resource Education P.O.W.R. (Powerful Opportunities for Women in Resources) program. The focus of the presentation was supply chain management and the many exciting opportunities that exist for women in this field.

During the presentation, Rosita Johnson emphasized the critical nature of supply chain management in Alaska and the natural resources field. She shared the complex processes involved in extracting, producing, and distributing Alaska's diverse range of resources. Additionally, she highlighted the vital contributions that women make in this industry while serving in supply chain roles. The students had several questions, including inquiries about educational opportunities in the supply chain field, the biggest challenges in Alaska, and the timeline for progressing from an entry-level position to a management role.

Rosita discussed the Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management program at the University of Alaska Anchorage, as well as other growth opportunities such as securing internships with local businesses or organizations. She also covered the importance of utilizing platforms like Indeed and LinkedIn to search for job opportunities, emphasizing the significance of maintaining an updated LinkedIn profile even while still in college.

The impact of this presentation extended beyond the classroom, leaving a lasting impression on both students and faculty. This was evident when we received a Thank You card at the ASCI office a week later. The P.O.W.R. program and ASCI's presentation exemplify Alaska Resource Education's dedication to nurturing talent, promoting diversity, and creating a more inclusive industry. By equipping young women with knowledge and skills, the organization actively shapes a future where gender equality and sustainable resource development go hand in hand.

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