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Helping You Thrive and Deliver Through Effective Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Services: Procurement, Contracting, Transportation Coordination, Order Tracking, Warehouse Management, Inventory Control, Surplus Disposition

Many people associate 'Supply Chain' with logistics, but it is just one of several components that must work closely together to efficiently and effectively manage the flow of goods and services from the point of origin to the point of consumption.

At ASCI, we provide end-to-end supply chain services that go beyond logistics.

When ASCI was formed in 1999, the price of a barrel of oil was less than the current price of a latte. A large oil & gas operator on the North Slope of Alaska had an urgent need to drive down costs to preserve jobs and shareholder pressure to implement new technology amid a major merger. ASCI was formed to solve this challenge for them. We took a combined top-down (consulting) approach and a bottom-up (outsourced services) approach to providing long-term solutions supporting local and global supply chain challenges. Improvement of processes and finding better, cheaper, and more efficient operating methods has kept ASCI as the contractor of choice for supply chain and asset management support for over two decades. That tenacity and flexibility is at the heart of who we are.

ASCI and ASCI’s sister companies are headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska. Since 1999, we have provided comprehensive supply chain and asset management services, including:

Vendor Management & Contracting

ASCI specializes in vendor management and contracting, handling the intricate components of a supply chain and the coordination of numerous suppliers and service providers on behalf of our clients. By maintaining these relationships, we alleviate the burden for you, allowing you to concentrate on the core aspects of your business, while we operate behind the scenes to optimize your supply chain's efficiency. Our team of experts collaborates with your own to create and assess Request for Proposals (RFPs), ensuring that you establish partnerships with contractors that align perfectly with your specific needs and company objectives. Additionally, we excel at developing and evaluating strategic RFPs for both materials and services, guaranteeing that your procurement process is tailored to maximize value. Furthermore, we take charge of building and maintaining contractual agreements, assuring that the terms and conditions are in place to safeguard your interests. Lastly, we assume the responsibility of managing the performance of your suppliers and service providers, monitoring their effectiveness and ensuring they meet or exceed your expectations.

Material Coordination & Procurement

ASCI takes charge of material coordination and procurement by handling our clients' project and operational material requirements through purchase requisitions and purchase orders. We begin by initiating and assessing quotes to identify the best sourcing options available. Throughout the process, we keep our clients informed by providing regular updates on the status of their orders. Our meticulous approach involves evaluating all purchasing options and suppliers that align with the client's criteria, guaranteeing that they obtain the most cost-effective products available in the market. We also review and analyze compliance with client's technical specifications and required delivery times. With our expertise, clients can rest assured that their material needs are efficiently managed, allowing them to focus on their core activities.

Transportation Coordination & Tracking

At ASCI, we excel in transportation coordination and tracking, efficiently managing the transportation of your materials to any desired destination. This is achieved through our strong partnerships with transportation vendors and our continuous evaluation of alternative options to secure the most suitable and cost-effective solutions. We also utilize our own fleet for local deliveries. With a meticulous approach, we diligently track and evaluate each delivery, ensuring that we consistently deliver optimal value to our clients. Our team arranges shipments based on factors such as material criticality, need date, and overall cost, ensuring that the right choices are made. Additionally, we take responsibility for evaluating and managing the performance of our transportation service providers, guaranteeing that the highest standards of service are consistently met.

Order Status Tracking & Expediting

At ASCI, we understand the significance of flexibility in the supply chain, which is why we offer efficient order status tracking and expediting services. When faced with short notice tasks or delayed shipments, our expediting services come into play, accelerating the delivery of materials. While it may not be cost-effective to expedite every shipment, we collaborate closely with our clients to ensure that their materials reach their intended destinations precisely when needed. Our expertise lies in expediting purchase orders, guaranteeing their timely and accurate delivery. We also handle Over/Short/Damaged/Discrepant (OSDD) resolution to address any discrepancies that may arise. Additionally, we provide order visibility and a user-friendly data entry tool called SmartTracker™, enabling our clients to have complete visibility and control over their orders.

Warehouse Operations & Management

ASCI specializes in warehouse operations and management, ensuring that your materials are stored securely and readily accessible when needed. Our dedicated team receives your materials, meticulously verifying their quantity and condition upon arrival. We take great care in preserving the materials until they are required, effectively managing their storage. When the materials are needed, we efficiently issue them to onsite personnel or arrange for their shipment to the next designated destination. To streamline these processes, we offer the use of our proprietary software called SmartStager™, which seamlessly integrates with our services. This software allows for the consolidation of materials by project, offering enhanced visibility for items not accounted for in the client's financial inventory system. SmartStager™ is accompanied by comprehensive service support, providing a robust solution for shipment consolidation, cross-docking, and the operation of warehouses, yards, and benchstock locations. Additionally, our team excels in coordinating the staging and release of project-related materials using the advanced capabilities of SmartStager™.

Inventory Management & Optimization

At ASCI, we assist our customers in achieving optimized inventory management by leveraging historical usage data and future needs projections. We work closely with our customers to strike a balance between just-in-time delivery and maintaining adequate stocking levels, effectively minimizing excess inventory. Furthermore, we provide guidance on handling surplus and obsolete materials, ensuring the best approach is taken to manage them. Our expertise lies in helping customers develop a lean and efficient inventory management strategy, aligning with their specific requirements. Additionally, we offer support in implementing inventory accuracy controls, such as cycle count programs, to enhance inventory visibility and accuracy, further optimizing the overall inventory management process.

Material Surplus & Disposal Services

ASCI offers comprehensive material surplus and disposal services, aimed at streamlining and optimizing your supply chain. We take charge of identifying surplus materials and efficiently disposing of them, eliminating any unnecessary inventory and ensuring a lean and efficient operation. With our end-to-end supply chain services, you can trust that your materials are in capable hands, managed by our team of experts who are dedicated to delivering exceptional results. Our services provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that every aspect of your material management is being handled with precision and expertise, ensuring a streamlined and optimized supply chain for your business.

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